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Our Android App has been removed from the Google Play Store due to copyright infringement issues. You can download our Android APK directly from our site onto your phone and tablet, or from the APKPure Website / App and install it (you'd need to enable "Install from Unknown Sources" on your phone).
Our App is compatible with Android 4.4+ devices (Phones / Tablets / Android TV Boxes).

These channels are provided as a convenience to viewers who wish to have one source for all their online viewing and is not intended for commercial distribution.

Mobile Play: Mobile App playback only. Due to these encoded streams, it will not play in our website player.
Web Play: Embedded website viewer + contains ads. Can be played from both our site and Mobile App. (Best viewed from our website player).


Herewith information and a list of commonly asked questions and answers. Please read these before contacting Support.

Our Live Streaming service is a "best effort" service. We do not host, upload or control the quality of the streaming services. Streaming links are obtained from a wide variety of providers / sites, freely / publicly available on the internet.

To the best of our knowledge, the channels on this Website / App are sourced from the originating network or from its unscrambled feed (free-to-air) over the internet. None of these live feeds are guaranteed to remain live and may go inactive without notice. The channels will be reviewed often and any permanently dead or discontinued feeds will be updated, removed or replaced.

Our Website and Android App includes advertisements in order to keep it free to use. Without this revenue, this Site / App will not be possible.
I do all of this as a "hobby" and not a permanent job. I also have to convince my wife that I have "something going" here, as it consumes a lot of my time.

You are more than welcome to make any donations to keep this project alive. We accept the below Cryptocurrencies :)
BTC: 36FEjYUwzoJmSGqoo5W3qZN4pYS1DwXenE     ETH: 0x3bEBccaB88d37CdBc86D334e60ae9E281b849d9B     XRP: X7b7D3J4DeAHHEzez2WC8spbUmB5wjQnhkfjuYNgD17RTcv
BCH: ppe2saxvwq37gm7nwkmeq8ftpmtkc06xyu66k0339z     LTC: MR57LQvrj6iUP9GEMmhuKD96M6w8KL91Ur


* Some Channels are only available to play in the Mobile App and or Website. These Channels are marked with "Mobile Play" or "Web Play".
* Channels marked with IPTV, are only available on the Mobile App. We are looking for a way to make this available for Website Play as well.
* Some Channels are Geo-USA locked. This means that you need to reside within the US or use a VPN Service to bypass the Geolocation-block.


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